Broken Angels 200W

Novel, Fuze Publishing

Sex & Soul 200W

Memoir, Letter Pen Press

Winds 200W

Memoir,  Fuze Publishing

Summer Boy 200W

Novel, Platypus

Voice at Door 200W

Novel, Fuze Publishing

paint_brush 32Click an image to see it larger. Most of these designs were done by combining multiple stock photos or illustrations, though some use images provided by the client and I did the typography and layout.

13th Tower 200W
Blue Valise 200W

Novel,  Double Beast Publishing

Nobody Knows 200W

Memoir, Fuze Publishing

Novel, Fuze Publishing

The Observer 200W
Couch 200W

Memoir, Fuze Publishing


Novel, Kalorama Press

Non-fiction, Fuze Publishing

Cologne 200W
Edmonton 200W

Nonfiction, Fuze Publishing

Blue Stone 200W

Non-fiction, Edenton Historical Commission

Novel, Fuze Publishing

Mother Daughter Show 200W
Eagle Rises 200W

Memoir, Fuze Publishing

Kosher Sutra 200W1

Novel, Fuze Publishing

Novel, Laughing Dog Press

Vampire Kitty-cat 200W
Quinn 200W

Memoir, Knish Books

Memoir, WQB LLC

Novel, Platypus


Novel, Kathleen Toomey Jabs
Fuze Publishing