Ray Rhamey100W2018I’m Ray Rhamey, the extra r’s in Crrreative. Here’s what’s meaningful to you in terms of what I have to offer:

In over 20 years of copywriting and creative directing in advertising, I honed my skills and talents for finding exactly the right words to engage and persuade. Always a visual thinker, I created concepts and worked with the best art directors for designs that did the same job. I did some of the design work, too. If you want to see my marketing work, visit my online marketing portfolio.

I shifted to screenwriting, becoming a story editor and refining my skills at long-form storytelling in the most visual of mediums. Then I got into writing and editing book-length fiction in 2004.

At last I became an Indie publisher, writing and designing both fiction and non-fiction books. That journey informs what I can do for you.

I’m a teacher, too. Since 2005 I’ve taught more than 20 workshops on writing craft from  Seattle to Massachusetts to Mexico. And I teach adult education writing courses through the local university. Check out my book, Mastering the Craft of Compelling Storytelling for more on my teaching/coaching side.

lightbulbVisuals that connect

The marketplace has tested and confirmed my ability to summon visuals that reach people, that connect with them in a meaningful way. I apply that same sense of what touches minds and hearts to book covers and interior design.

Words that evoke

In the same way, my talent for finding just the right words and then arranging them in just the right way to engage people and evoke in their minds emotions and scenes has been tested and confirmed. It’s that sense that informs the editing and coaching I can do for you.

Ready to work with you, then, is a unique, personal combination of marketing-oriented creativity in both words and design, and editing that is informed by storytelling experience. You can read testimonials here.


Summary of experience

  • Advertising experience in motivating consumers with words and pictures
  • Screenwriting and editing experience in crafting visuals and narrative into effective stories
  • Editing and coaching writers of long-form fiction
  • Blogging on the craft of writing since 2005 at Flogging the Quill
  • Author of a highly recommended book on the craft of writing,Mastering the Craft of Compelling Storytelling
  • Author of page-turner novels
  • Designer of advertising and books
  • Cartoonist

R red shadow 60HMy writer side

I’ve written several novels and a book on the craft of writing. That website is here. There are free samples, so drop in some time.

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