pencil-smallThe single biggest mistake Indie
authors make

They fail to engage a qualified editor to make sure their book is professional in craft and storytelling.

Here’s what bestselling author M.J. Rose (once a self-publisher) says to self-publishing authors:

MJ-Rose-Hypnotist-100W“If your goal is to sell books, get readers, and build word of mouth -- you absolutely  need professional help.”

Read this insightful excerpt from the full article that appeared on the Huffington Post.

The main complaint

Jason Matthews, author of How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks--All for Free, notes that:

selling-ebooks-book-100WThe main complaint about Indie writers is lack of editing, which results in typos, grammar errors, bad dialogue, overuse of things like adverbs, plot issues and a long list of pet peeves from the average reader.”

Here are more of his insights and advice for self-publishers.

It doesn’t have to be Crrreative that does your edit, but it is a king-sized mistake to publish a book without editing.

Free sample edit

I offer a free 5-page sample edit that lets me see your writing and lets you see what I would do for you. Please keep in mind that this service is only for committed writers who have looked at my fee basis and are ready for an edit by the right editor.

I ask for your first 2 chapters (or prologue & first chapter). If your writing qualifies, I will do a free line edit of the first 5 pages and give critique notes.

To qualify for a free sample edit:

  1. I need to see a level of writing and storytelling ability that shows clear promise for reaching a professional level.
  2. You must be definitely planning on hiring an editor within 6 months of our first contact.
  3. Attach the first two chapters (or prologue and first chapter) to an email sent to

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