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A custom design for your book’s interior pages can enhance its personality and tone. Good design keeps the reader moving, and avoids unsightly gaps in the narrative flow.

This means eliminating awkward “widows” such as pages that start or end with a single sentece from a paragraph, sometimes only a few words.

Small things like breaking a two-line paragraph across two pages can disrupt the flow of your narrative into your reader’s mind.

Editing is part of my designing. I recommend deletions or additions that make your narrative flow better without harming it. You have the final decision on all edits, of course, but you will receive a complete explanation of what I did and where it is so you can see for yourself.

Graphic style is another tool a designer uses to “plus” your narrative. The choice of fonts, the leading (space between lines), and graphic motifs can add to the reader’s experience in a subtle, unnoticed way. As an artist as well as an editor, I can contribute in an innovative visual way.

Book interiors include:

Front matter: title page, copyright page, dedication page, table of contents (usually nonfiction), and more.

Content: the text of the book, page numbering (folio), headers and/or footers with title and author name, and graphic elements reflecting theme, story, or brand.

Back matter: author page, afterword, promotion of other books, index (nonfiction), any other material that follows the primary content.

I provide custom typography and motif images as needed for front matter, text, and back matter. This includes font selection, importation of content, layout of pages, headers and footers, as well as minor editing suggestions for formatting reasons.

Samples are here.

network 64ebook interiors include:

The text of your book (front matter, content, and back matter). An ebook can also include your cover and a table of contents.

Typography is basic and controlled by the ereader that your ebook file appears on. The goal is a clean flow of narrative with no formatting glitches.

Below are interior pages from The Vampire Kitty-cat Chronicles, a humor novel. Click an image to see a 4-page sample. Note the feline motif element that keeps the theme and sense of fun going.

Patch title page 120W
Patch copyright page 120W
Patch author page 120W
Patch first page 120W

Novel, Kathleen Toomey Jabs
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